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Assignment 5
Total: 20 Points
General Instruction
• Submit your work in the Dropbox folder via BeachBoard (Not email or in class).
1. (10 points) Test a Bayesian network tool on your workstation.
i. Find bayes.jar and run it on your workstation.
ii. Create nodes and edges to represent Figure 1.
iii. Set the CPT (conditional probability table) to represent Figure 2.
iv. Save the result as Assn5.xml and submit it.
2. Write answers the following questions. (pdf file submission)
(a) (2 points) P~ (Visit to Asia | dyspnoea)
(b) (2 points) P~ (Tuberculosis | positive X-ray, ¬dyspnoea)
(c) (2 points) P(bronchitis |¬lung cancer)
(d) (2 points) P(¬lung cancer | tuberculosis, ¬dyspnoea)
(e) (2 points) P~ (Smoking |¬positive X-ray, bronchitis, ¬visit to asia)
Figure 1: A network for tuberculosis and lung cancer.
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Figure 2: A CPT for tuberculosis and lung cancer.