Assignment 1 Design a “piggy” applicatio




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Assignment 1
Design a “piggy” application. It should look like:
1. You are not allowed to use a GUI builder (e.g., Qt Designer). You must hand-code this assignment.
2. The top-level widget for the application should be a subclass of QWidget. You should use the
QGridLayout layout. You may choose the margins for the buttons and any white space, including
taking the default.
3. The buttons need to be instances of QPushButton or QToolButton.
4. It should be able to grow to look like this:
It should not get any smaller than the first picture above, which is the default.
5. There is no real functionality. This just to do layout and get your feet wet. You will be graded on
appearance, that is, correct layout (including the capability to grow or shrink which should come
for free).
6. You are responsible for monitoring the Canvas forum site for any modifications or corrections of
this assignment (or any assignment).
7. You must submit everything (.cpp, .h, and .pro files) in a .zip file. The name of your zip file (and
your directory should be “piggy-YourName”, where YourName is, as you might guess, your name.
Failure to upload the appropriate files will be a severe penalty; failure to put it in a .zip file or
name the directory will be a more minor, but substantial, penalty.
8. There’s a change to the grading policy. For assignments unless changed, there will be a
maximum of 1.5 late days (ie, final deadline of Tuesday noon), because we want to be able to
discuss the homework in class and in sections. In any case, don’t be late on this – it’s too simple.
This is due 9/20 at 11:55pm. You must upload your code to Canvas to submit.
EECS 493 F15
Assignment 1
To startup in QtCreator: My recommendation is that you take the class code (which you can find on
Canvas/Files), and copy it into a directory. Name the directory anything you want. Change the .pro
file to be the name of the directory, and edit by hand to make sure that the APP is correctly named
(piggy-YourName). Start up QtCreator and pick the .pro file you just produced. Take the default on
project, and then build the application.
Alternatively, pick new project, then Projects/Applications/Qt Widgets Project. You can pick any
names and any place in your file system you want. In the setup dialogs, make the base class be
“QWidget” and unclick “Generate form”.