09. Other tasks




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09. Other tasks
9.01. Write a program which by given two days of any year
computes the number of days between them. Hint:
struct tm
9.02. Write a program which prints all subsets of a set.
9.03. Display on the console the characters of those elements
of a text, which indexes fulfil at least one of the
а) are powers of 2;
b) are perfect squares;
c) are Fibonacci’s numbers.
Member Type Meaning Range
tm_sec int seconds after the minute 0-60*
tm_min int minutes after the hour 0-59
tm_hour int hours since midnight 0-23
tm_mday int day of month 1-31
tm_mon int months since January 0-11
tm_year int years since 1900
tm_wday int days since Sunday 0-6
tm_yday int days since January 1 0-365
tm_isdst int Daylight Saving Time
Conversion (function) Do
asctime Convert tm structure to string
ctime Convert time_t value to string