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Pros and Cons Of Covid-19 Vaccines

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In an effort to curb the Covid-19 pandemic several private and even government backed research institutes have been on the run trying to produce vaccines. These has resulted in a variety of vaccines like Pfizer/BioNTech, Astrazeneca-SK Bio, Serum Institute of India, Janssen and Moderna with some of them even commercialized and are available in the market. Even though they have so far not been successfully 100% effective but they have really been effective and helpful at the same time. Like other vaccines, the Covid-19 vaccines have their benefits as well as shortcomings.

            There numerous benefits that have come along with using the vaccines. These who have used the vaccines have reduced chances of infections this is because after taking the first shot their bodies begin to produces antibodies to coronavirus. Particularly, these antibodies will help the immune system to fight the virus in case it reoccurs again. Also several new studies have found that the expectant mothers who were vaccinated created antibodies to the virus and passed them to their unborn babies via the placenta. Some of the vaccines have greatly been helpful in treating severe cases of Covid-19 infections. In effort to get back to the normal, the vaccines have given us that assurance that soon or later we can resume our normal life and this has help also in ditching masks. This has helped us to even reconnect with families and friends.

Despite it awesome benefits, the Covid-19 vaccines have been faced with a lot of challenges. Some of the challenges experienced after using the vaccines are; fever, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, diarrhea and pain at the injection site. The likelihood of any of these adverse effects after immunization varies depending on the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines can have more significant or long-lasting adverse effects, although these are exceedingly rare. These vaccines are constantly evaluated for uncommon adverse reactions.

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